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Well here we are a year later. A few typos and minor corrections have been made. Looks like I did not create a log for the last update. I have added a printable version of the family tree. Even though it is more difficult to see how each line matches for cousons, it will fit onto a single peice of paper. The original family tree is still available if you want to see the generations line up correctly.

If you find any errors or missing data, please contact me with the contact page or my email address if you happen to have it.


A few typographical changes made to the family tree which was also updated in the history book as well.


The history book has been updated. I added a divider to make it easier to see where each generation starts. I also broke up the documents into categories.The table of contents page will allow you to jump to that page by clicking on it.The bookmarks windows is open by default making it easier to jump to the sections. They match the table of contents with the exception of the bookmarks for the table of contents and the cover. Making it easy to get to the beginning of the book.


Created a web page for the history book and family tree. Username and Password are still required to access the pdf files. Clicking the history button above or typing http://olleys.org/history.html will take you to the web page. The directory is still available for anyone already using that link. Note: The files names have been changed. If you created a favorites link to either pdf, please update your link otherwise you will not be able to access the files using your favorites menu in the web browser.


The history book and family tree have been update today.


Received names and dates from Jim Olley on James side and from Duane Olley on George Jr's side. Still have some to do before I upload the history book in pdf form. The family tree is all most ready that will be available separately and inside the history book. The book it self is currently 108 pages and growing. I will post an update when I get close to finishing the book though it may still miss some data. I will try and put a question mark where the data missing in hopes that someone can provide that information so I can update it once again. I will also put a date of when last updated, so everyone will know when they can redownload the book.

I want to thank everyone that has provided information.


Olleys.org is now live. Some portions are still not available or need additional work done.